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3D POWERHYDRATOR gel cream moisturizer

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72-hour <br>hydration
4x Aloe <br>Powered Elixir
4x Aloe
Powered Elixir
Vitamin C <br>rich
Vitamin C
7x Hyaluronic <br>Acids
7x Hyaluronic

A 72-hour clinically proven gel cream moisturizer for youthful, bright skin.

3D POWERHYDRATOR is a multi benefit face cream that is so super moisturizing it’s clinically proven to hydrate skin for 72 hours (3D = 3 days!) even if you wash your face. The amped-up gel cream texture feels both weightless and replenishing. Leaves skin soft, smooth and bursting with bright radiance.

Plant-Powered. Clean. Gluten-Free. Cruelty-Free. Waterless. Dermatologist Tested.


Aloe Attiva Elixir.Infused with Goji Berry, Beech Tree Bud Extract, and Sugar Beet. Appropriate for all skin types.CLICK FOR FULL INGREDIENT LIST.


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