About Aloe Attiva

Did you know that most skincare products contain 80-95% water? Aloe Attiva is different. Instead of water, every formula we make uses our proprietary Aloe Attiva Elixir, a super-concentrated, 4x boosted, multi-benefit extract that provides extraordinary benefits for your skin. Welcome to a waterless alternative.

3D POWERHYDRATOR Waterless Face Cream floods skin with long-lasting moisture. Infused with Goji Berry, Beech Tree Bud Extract, and Sugar Beet, it has been clinically proven to hydrate skin for 3 days. 

Waterless. Plant-Powered. Clean. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Cruelty-Free. Made in Italy.


Treat your skin to our most concentrated dose of Aloe Attiva Elixir with the 4xPOWERLIXIR Waterless Face Serum. It restores and revitalizes skin’s youthful look with 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid, plus Echinacea and Plant-Based Collagen. 

Waterless. Plant-Powered. Clean. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Cruelty-Free. Made in Italy.


Have you ever noticed how many skincare ingredient lists start with water? That’s because ingredients are shown in descending order of quantity, and common skincare products contain up to 95% water. Plain water. H2O. We believe your skin deserves better! Our proprietary Aloe Attiva Elixir completely replaces water with one of nature’s most beneficial extracts (and it’s 4x boosted versus common aloe). There is no water to dilute efficacy. And the Elixir minimizes the need for emulsifiers and preservatives, allowing improved performance of other ingredients. 


If you have ever had a sunburn and applied fresh aloe on it, you understand the soothing, calming, cooling relief it provides. This is vital for your youthful look as well as your comfort: constant skin irritation from environmental factors is known to hasten premature aging, and worsen any concerns you are already experiencing, such as the look of lines, dryness, redness, or fatigue. 

These powerful skin benefits derive from aloe’s cocktail of polysaccharides, or complex sugars. A typical aloe plant contains 1,000 to 2,000 mg/kg polysaccharides, but our proprietary extraction technique (performed in a secret lab in Italy) yields a concentration of at least 6,617 mg/kg. In fact, our Aloe Attiva Elixir is proven to be 4x more effective than regular aloe. Our aloe is responsibly sourced from around the world, and we accept nothing less than the highest quality.


Marco Vernazza, founder of Aloe Attiva Italia, was born in Genova (Genoa, Italy) and has dedicated his career to understanding natural formulations. At age 18, he began as an apprentice formulating vitamins behind the tablet press. His passion for safe and natural ingredients in beauty and wellness spans has continued and deepened over 25 years. His fascination for Aloe, one of the most trusted skincare ingredients, and known for its calming, soothing, and regenerative properties, led him to study the famous plant in great depth.

Vernazza’s Aloe Attiva Elixir, created through a proprietary and confidential methodology, is an extraordinary extract, proven to be 4x more effective than commercially available aloe preparations. This potent Elixir is at the heart of every formula we make. Apart from replacing plain water, which can dilute efficacy, the Elixir helps improve and enhance the overall formulations. The result: aloe-powered, waterless beauty products that are clean, natural, and exceptionally effective.


“La gente pensa che l’aloe sia qualcosa di ordinario, ma io dico che la mia Aloe è straordinaria.”

“People think aloe is ordinary, but I tell them no, my Aloe is extraordinary.”


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