Why Waterless Skincare?

Why Waterless Skincare?

A New Trend...

A new trend is brewing in the cosmetics industry, waterless skincare. Why should water be taken out of skincare products? What are the real benefits? Here’s everything you need to know about going waterless.  

Better and More Effective

Waterless skincare products are better and more effective for your skin because the active ingredients are more concentrated. Instead of being diluted by water, these products are entirely made from beneficial ingredients. Water has no real advantage in products despite it being the main ingredient. It doesn't hydrate your skin, but rather dries it out. The water evaporates and strips your skins barrier of its healthy and natural oils. 

Good for the Environment 

Waterless skincare is also better for the environment. Water is one of the most used ingredients in skincare products, while also becoming an increasingly more limited resource. It is time to become more environmentally conscious in our everyday lives, including our skincare routines. To make a positive impact on the planet it's time to go waterless and fight against climate change. By switching to waterless products, you can make a difference for the earth, and for your skin.

If waterless is obviously the way to go, why are the vast majority of products still formulated with water? 

It's simple. Water is a cheap ingredient. Companies use water as a primary ingredient because it is accessible and affordable. When water is not on a product's ingredients list, botanical extracts and oils are used as the base instead. These extracts and oils are full of vitamins and antioxidants. These work to penetrate the skin more intensely to repair damaged skin, hydrate, and revitalize. It also strengthens the protective barriers on the skin which is meant to prevent damage and faster aging.

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