Venetian Glass: An Italian Special

Venetian Glass: An Italian Special

The Best there is of Venetian Glass

On a small island in Venice, Italy lay some of the most beautiful glass. The glassmakers of Murano island are truly the masters of all things glass. From intricate vases to small, detailed candies, these artists can turn a glowing orange ball of glass into any and every shape imaginable. 

By Paloma Gulick

How is Murano Glass Made?

Murano glass is typically made from silica. The first step in this process is to heat up the elements used in a special furnace at a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius. Then, gold or silver leaves are added to the liquid mixture along with various minerals to give the glass its designated color. Once the liquid mixture is ready, the glassmakers will then blow air through a long tube and use iron tools to shape the glass in a series of elaborate steps.

Why is Murano Glass so Special?  

Murano glass is extremely special because of its history. The techniques used are over 1,000 years old, while the process originated in the Roman Empire. The steps have been continuously developed and enhanced over the course of many centuries to guarantee that Italians truly make the best glass. To these glassmakers, glass is not just a material, it is art. The high-end Murano glass products are called art glass due to the intricate process and unique materials used by the artists. 

If you ever find yourself in Italy, especially in Venice, be sure to check out Murano island and see the beautiful craftsmanship of these artists yourself.

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