Why SPF is a Must

Why SPF is a Must

Why SPF Needs to be in your Morning Routine

You’ve probably already heard this from your mother, your doctor, or even Hyram… and they all say the same thing. Which is, you MUST wear SPF on your face every single day. You heard that right. Every. Single. Day. You may already know this, and just choose to skip a day of SPF when you wake up and see clouds  or feel like it will make your skin irritated and oily. We are here to tell  you why you should definitely push yourself to wear SPF everyday. By weighing the pros and cons of SPF daily wear, you will soon come to realize why you absolutely must apply SPF everyday and know how to target your perfect product. SPF, aka Sun Protection Factor, is the numerical value of the protection level a sunscreen provides from UV rays. Rain or shine, you should apply at least SPF 15 or 30 on a daily basis. On a sunny day, you should be applying and reapplying SPF regularly and with higher levels of SPF. Here's why... 

By Carly Shatz


- Prevents sun damage

- Reduces risk of skin cancer prevents/reduces wrinkling and aging 

- Protects skin from sunburn (duhh) 

- Maintains even skin complexion 

- Sometimes moisturizing, dewy finish 

- Protects our skin’s essential proteins like Keratin which work to keep our skin smooth and healthy  


- Sticky or oily feel on skin 

- White cast left on skin  

- Skin irritation or allergic reaction

The Bottom Line

The most crucial thing to realize is that the sunscreen and skincare industry have solved almost all of the “cons” associated with sunscreen usage. From tinted SPF products, to light-weight SPF moisturizers, serum drops, and different chemical compositions to avoid skin reactivity, the market has found limitless ways to create the ideal product for your morning routine with just enough SPF to ensure your face to enjoy the benefits of sunscreen on a daily basis. Anyways, wear your sunscreen. You will thank yourself later and there is no downside!

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