The Benefits of Aloe

The Benefits of Aloe

The Benefits of Aloe

We’re sure your mothers have applied a thick layer of Aloe Vera gel to relieve your sunburn after a long day in the sun. Or maybe to help calm a windburn after playing in the snow. 

But. Did you know that the benefits of aloe go wayyy further than cooling those burns? 

So much further, in fact, that this magical ingredient should be the focus of your everyday skincare routine.

Aloe is our favorite thing to talk about, so let's jump right into why:

“Why would I need to add aloe to my everyday skincare? Isn’t my current skincare routine enough?”

The natural components of aloe contain vitamins and minerals that your skin needs and unfortunately cannot get from other ingredients that you more commonly find in your skincare products.

“But... I have sensitive skin. I’m really careful with what products I put on my face, so I’m hesitant to add something else, such as aloe, into my routine.”

Ready for the best fact of all? 

*drumroll please*

Anyone can use aloe.

Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive, Damaged Skin, even those with conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.    

Now c'mon, what other skincare ingredient can say that? The risk is so low in using this ingredient because of its natural properties.  *and we love that for you*  

So why.  

WHY would your skin benefit from using aloe every single day?

Let’s roll. 

1. Moisturization 

Every single skin-type can benefit from additional moisturization. Yes, even oily skin.  Because did you know? Your skin becomes oily when there is a lack of hydration in layers of the skin invisible to the eye. This causes your skin to overproduce oils to compensate for the lack-thereof.  

No matter your climate or your lifestyle, your skin needs moisture.  

Thankfully, aloe is quick absorbing, which prevents clogging of the pores. Applying aloe to the skin is like drenching your pores with the most natural feeling, meant-to-be hydration. Some even say.. a match made in heaven. 

Pro tip: Apply your aloe products right after the shower to help *lock in* maximum hydration.

2. Fights Inflammation 

We love to use aloe to soothe the skin after shaving and waxing, as the skin can easily become inflamed after abrading the skin and exposing the pores to the world. And boy, it is a scary world out there lately..

Aloe eases the blow and allows the skin to relax and go about life as previously scheduled.

3. Helps Treat Acne 

And while we’re on the topic of inflammation, let’s talk about the type of inflammation that is arguably the biggest concern when it comes to skincare: acne breakouts. 

In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, there are antibacterial and antioxidant properties of aloe that make it effective as a topical treatment for acne.  

ps. We always recommend when applying a new product to the skin, use a patch test on the wrist or neck to assess skin sensitivity - especially for acne prone skin.

4. Anti-Aging 

Aloe assists in the production of collagen in the skin, which is a protein that our bodies produce less and less over time. 

Less collagen = loss of elasticity in the skin, which is exactly what creates those fine lines and wrinkles that we’re all so terrified of.  Not to mention the harmful effects of UV rays onto the skin that assist in the aging process.

(*cough cough* also make sure you use that SPF!)

5. Promotes Wound Healing 

Not me nicking myself every time I shave. Or popping a pimple. Or picking at a scab. Thankfully, aloe is here to save us from our sinful acts on our skin. 

Its natural antibacterial properties keep the area clean, and the antioxidants help reduce scar formation and promote quicker healing. Think of it as nature’s magic eraser for the skin. 

Now that we’ve unveiled the secret to the *perfect* daily skincare routine… What are you waiting for? 


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