Spring Photoshoot Ideas to Spice Up Your IG Feed

Spring Photoshoot Ideas to Spice Up Your IG Feed

Let’s be real. 

There's nothing better than a good old photoshoot for the IG. We’re all guilty of it. The ultimate struggle is to come up with original content that isn’t ~basic~. 

Here are some fire photoshoot ideas for this spring. 

The Mirror Selfie

Every Instagram feed needs a bomb ass mirror selfie. 

This is a go-to, easy option. It is optimal because you can see yourself and position yourself as you take the picture.

+ get creative with it!

Flex your favorite outfit

Plan the picture around the outfit! This is a prime way to show off your style on your feed + take an aesthetically pleasing pic. 

This is also a great way to show off new spring fashion trends.

Rooftop. Bars.

Periodt. In addition to scoring a fire Instagram picture, you can also enjoy a fun day/night in the spring weather. Rooftop bars are the perfect occasion to dress your best and also hangout with your friends. Also, the views are a perfect background for your picture!


Cool jewelry can sometimes speak for itself. Gold, layered jewelry is so trendy right now and can be some of the most satisfying pictures. This can totally be a way for you to incorporate your jewelry taste and style into your feed.

Nail Art

Chances are, you're seeing the cutest nail art on your TikTok and Instagram feed every day. We know we're constantly liking and saving every nail pic we see for inspo next time we go to the salon. Nail art is increasingly more popular and this spring is no exception.

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