Skincare Hacks

Skincare Hacks

Easy Skincare Hacks You Should Know About...

You may or may not have heard of these skincare hacks, but these quick fixes can improve your skin easily and for free! From using tools around your house that you would not have thought to use in your skincare routine to changing some simple daily habits, here are some quick things you can do to improve your skin ASAP! 

Splash Your Face With Cold Water in the AM

Every morning or whenever your skin needs refreshing, you can simply splash your face with ice-cold water several times to tighten and de-puff your skin to give it a fresh and young appearance. A simple cold rinse can do wonders for the feel of your face and is comparable to many pricey face cooling tools in the skincare market. You can also use ice cubes or spoons that you set in the freezer the night prior to refresh and de-puff your eyes and face when you wake up.

Sleep on Your Back

Although it might be hard to completely reverse your sleeping habits, try to sleep on your back for better skin! The less contact your skin has with the pillow and sheets, the less chance of dirt seeping into your pores and it allows your face to air out and prevent lines or wrinkles from squishing your face against a pillow for 8 hours straight.

The Less Makeup the Better for Your Skin 

We are sure you probably could’ve guessed this one, but wear as little make up as possible. Make-up, concealers, foundations , etc all clog your pores and can essentially only do harm for your skin. Love yourself, love your skin, and try going natural!

Wash Your Face Post Workout 

Wash your face as soon as you are done working out. Sweat and dirt from your work out will clog your pores and create irritation, so always try to remember to wash your face directly after a sweat. Even if its a few splashes of water if cleanser isn’t available, it still helps.

Clean your Makeup Brushes


Another easy one, habitually clean your makeup brushes or any tools that touch your face. Brushes and other sponge applicators and such can harvest bacteria, oil, and other dirt that you definitely do not want smearing on your face. There are ways to properly clean your brushes and specific products on the market to aid you, so use google search and don’t keep putting it off. You should be washing your brushes at least once every two weeks. 

Keep Your Phone Away from Your Face

Avoid leaning your face on your cell phone when taking a call. Do you know how much bacteria, oil, and debris is on our phone!? We take our phones EVERYWHERE and our hands are all over that thing. From the bathroom to the subway to our dirty bags and pockets, we cannot forget where our phone has been before smearing it all over our cheeks whenever we chat with a friend. First, you should try to regularly disinfect your device with wipes, spray, or even blue-light technology which is now specifically designed to clean your phone. You should also try to talk on speaker phone, use headphones, or listen to/talk on the phone in a way that eliminates direct contact with your face and your phone. Try keeping centimeters of distance angling it so the phone is only touching your ear and nothing more. 

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