Our Favorite Day of the Week: Self Care Sunday

Our Favorite Day of the Week: Self Care Sunday

Self-care is all about you. 

There are all different kinds of ways to feel relaxed and recharged - but overall, self-care is about taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Here are some ways in which we take on our Self Care Sundays:

A killer morning routine:

This means do the *work* in the AM to ensure you’re starting the day off with positive vibes and good momentum - and great skin. 

Always make sure to wash your face with cold water and follow up with your Aloe Attiva 4x POWERLIXIR face serum. Once the serum is absorbed into your face completely, apply your 3D POWERHYDRATOR cream.

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Treat yo self to a good meal:

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Make sure you are getting in a big breakfast, so you have energy for your Sunday! We love fresh fruit on our Sunday mornings.

Take a moment to meditate:

This might not be something you are experienced in, but trust us + try it. Taking a moment to be mindful and breathe can really help center your mindset. It's also a great opportunity to focus on you and collect your thoughts to start your week grounded!

Try out an app like Headspace or Calm for some awesome guided meditations.

Get up and move:

Maybe on your self-care Sunday you don’t want to do a high intensity workout (and we don’t blame you) but definitely find a way to get up and get out of the house! Connect with nature with a nice walk with friends. Move your body, it will thank you later!

Pamper yourself:

Do what makes you feel good! 

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a mani/pedi, a face mask, a massage? Nothing is wrong with a little spa action!

~Relax~ :

Ask yourself: What do you really want to do? Read a book, watch TV, spend some time on your phone? 

Allow yourself to just hang out and do what you wanna do!

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