Meet our Summer Intern Carly

Meet our Summer Intern Carly

Meet the Writer Behind the Blog: Carly

Aloe everyone! I’m Carly, I am a Summer Intern for Aloe Attiva!  I was born and raised in New York City and I am a rising senior at The Beacon School in NYC. I have always loved being active and playing sports, and I have played soccer competitively in and out of school since I was 7. More recently, I co-founded and run a Women in Business club at my school, as well as a Women in Business Coalition that supports young women city-wide. I love to travel, hang out with friends, create art and fashion, thrift,  and do essentially most of the other things any city kid likes to do. During my COVID-19 quarantine, I started a small tank top company called Something I Made NYC where I hand make custom tank tops! I ship them sustainably, and donate a margin of my profits to The Equal Justice Initiative. Check it out if you get the chance!

What have you learned while working for Aloe Attiva?   

From my first meeting at Aloe Attiva, I was exposed to a real work environment for the first time. Even sitting in on the first zoom for only an hour, I was able to absorb so much information about how a small business is run, how a team inspires productivity and efficiency, and how our company remains goal driven while conveying our brand's message effectively. More specifically in my role as a marketing intern, I have learned how to pinpoint specific consumer groups, I have familiarized myself with the algorithms on Instagram and TikTok that lead to greater exposure for a brand, and I have learned the differences between social media content and advertisements in having to produce creatives and ads on my own.

Why did you start to work with Aloe Attiva?

When I started my own brand, I learned to navigate website building, marketing, social media promotions, advertisements, and everything else on my own. I knew I was interested in business so I wanted to continue to develop my knowledge in that industry. When searching for a summer internship, I wanted to stay in the realm of skincare, beauty, wellness, and fashion because that’s what I’m most passionate about. After connecting with some people on the Aloe Attiva team, I instantly fell in love with the group’s work dynamic and their raw passion for their products. I also loved the eco-friendly message that the company stands for. I dove into working for them very quickly and have now been on the team for almost two months!

Your Experience Using the Aloe Attiva Products

Working at Aloe Attiva has and continues to be such a great learning experience, but honestly the best part is that I actually love our products and use them everyday, morning and night! It has really been my savior this summer and I have recommended it to so many of my friends and family. Being a summer intern was the perfect time to get started with Aloe Attiva because my favorite thing about the products is that the aloe-based products turn my summer sunburns into a tan overnight! My skin has been hydrated, silky, and tan all summer long.

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