How to Elevate Your Self-Care Game This Spring

How to Elevate Your Self-Care Game This Spring

How to Elevate Your Self-Care Game This Spring.

Is it just us, or does something about the weather getting nicer just makes you want to be nicer to yourself?

Well boy ohhh boy do we have some great tips on how to elevate your self-care game this spring. So grab your pen and paper - we’re putting ourselves first startingggg….. 


Switch out your candles for essential oil diffusers

There’s just something about essential oils that makes you feel like you have your life together.

Essential oils leave your home smelling fresh longer than candles can, and provide a sense of relaxation like no other.  

Whether it’s citrus to wake you up in the morning, eucalyptus to make you feel like you’re in a spa, or lavender to help you sleep - there’s an oil for everyone. 

 *pro tip* 

dab some on your wrists when you want to take 

your ~zen~ on the go.

Take a digital detox

No, we don’t mean turning off your phone 30 minutes before bed (although that’s a fantastic healthy habit)

We mean a full day, or more if you can handle it, without any social media. Completely disconnected. 

There’s something to say about how blissful we felt as children before we were sucked into our technology every moment of every day. Easiest way to get back to that feeling? Give yourself a break. The world can wait. Take the time to connect to yourself, nature, and those around you that you love. You may find new clarity in ways you would’ve never thought.

Get outside as often as possible

With the weather getting nicer, this is the perfect time to take advantage of fresh air, sunshine, and the sounds of nature.

Take your workouts to the backyard, take your dog for an extra walk a day, take your lunch break to the park. 

The natural serotonin that nature provides is unmatched.

Buy yourself flowers

You don’t need your significant other to do it for you - do it for yourself.

Every week. 

Every grocery run. 

Whether it’s a full bouquet or a single sunflower, grab yourself a daily reminder to smile.

Swap out grocery runs for trips to the farmers market

Fueling your body with the right foods is one of the most important ways to practice self-care.

Nothing, we mean nothing, compares to fresh, local produce. 

And of course, it helps to know you’re supporting your local farmers and small businesses owners.

Add it to the calendar :)

We schedule meetings, appointments, and deadlines into our calendar...

Because we know we’ll remember it, plan for it, and show up for it appropriately if it’s in there. 

So… why don’t we do the same for our self-care? 

every day is the day to put yourself first.

Try these tips, and share your self-care moments with us @AloeAttiva on Instagram. 

(unless you’re taking that digital detox 😎)

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