Does The World REALLY Need Another Skincare Brand?

Does The World REALLY Need Another Skincare Brand?

Short answer: No. 

Long answer: Yes.

The world needs Aloe. Here's why:

There are so many new skincare brands entering the market. Every day, you are going to see a new brand, a new clean brand, a new influencer brand, a new celebrity brand, and quite frankly a lot of novices launching skincare.

But. Want to know a beauty industry insider’s truth? 

Today the barriers to entry are so low, basically anyone who has some money, can have a skincare brand.

Here's how it works:

You decide you want a skincare brand. You find a manufacturer, a private label company and they work with labs to create your formula, help you select the packaging, and make it for you with your name on it. 

You tell them how you would like the product to feel and what you want to claim and then they make samples for you until you are happy. In most cases they will take something they already have in their library and tweak it (more cost effective for them).

It really isn’t that difficult and therefore, most formulas are pretty much all the same.

That being said...

every now and again, there are products that come along that are truly different. They are rooted in product innovation, science and knowledge. 

There is so much noise today about “hot ingredients”, “clean skincare” and everyone is confused. We are being seduced by the flavor of the month and our attention is losing sight on what we really need to focus on, the integrity of the products. Even the custom skin care brands that say that they will create something for you, they also have a library and an algorithm. 

What the world does not need is another skincare brand that is offering incremental innovation.

Aloe Attiva, has something truly unique and different going on, which is why we launched during a pandemic – we are all stressed, confused and looking for solutions. 

And we feel our Aloe is here to help stressed skin around the world.

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