Brunching in NYC

Brunching in NYC

Let's Talk Brunch... Because It's Important

Everyone loves a good brunch. Let's be honest, it can be the make or break of your Sunday Funday. We're here to give you the insights of where-to brunch in NYC. From Uptown to Midtown to Downtown these are the spots to hit. 

By Carly Shatz


○ Maison Pickles 

Upper west side brunch to stuff your face with generously portioned American/French food. You will not regret chowing down the most insane french toast stacks, one-of-a-kind mac and cheese, and ooey-gooey monkey bread that melts in your mouth. Your camera will definitely have a blast because their presentation is to die for. Fun environment in a great neighborhood. Good vibes and good eats, what more can you ask for?

○ Quality Eats UES

Quality Eats UES: Fun, busy weekend brunch spot on the upper east side. Steak spot by night, Quality Eats also has an awesome brunch menu and great cocktails. A well known restaurant with raving reviews across it’s few restaurants in the city. Definitely won’t disappoint. 

○ Sarabeths

A classic brunch spot with a huge menu. Located on a cute block and has a good outdoor dining setup. Never heard a bad review. Good, homey, family vibes with a large menu to choose from.  

○ Barney Greengrass

A vintage Jewish bagel shop known for its amazing bagels, lox, latkes, and more. The most comforting all around food you could ask for. , Been around forever and very reputable. In need of comfort food to heal your sunday scaries?  You know where to go. 


○ Bluestone Lane

Although there are locations scattered across cities worldwide, Bluestone Lane never fails to be the perfect healthy bite and coffee to pair with your morning. You won’t know what to order on the menu because every dish sounds sooo good. Once you go, you’ll never want to brunch anywhere else with your friends.

Souvlaki Gr

A nice change of pace from the classic brunch spot in NYC. Souvlaki Gr is a cute  greek restaurant with incredible food. The combination of delicious greek plates and the ambiance of the restaurant make you feel like you're sitting in the Mykonos. There are several locations  throughout the city with slightly different aesthetics. 

The Smith

A staple NYC restaurant with big locations all over the city; you seriously can’t go wrong with it. The most delicious American classics. Cool NYC ambiance and good vibes. A bit expensive, but unfortunately for NYC brunch the price range is pretty standard. Not the most standout place to go in the city, but The Smith is really yummy and their locations are huge and fun. 

○ Friedmans

Friedman’s is a city family run restaurant that now has 9 locations in New York City. An amazing American style food brunch that almost never gets bad reviews. Family comfort spot for a laidback meal and experience. 


 ○ Sadelle’s

If you're looking for a classic New York City bagel brunch, Sadelle’s is your spot. End of story. It is on the higher end but never disappoints for the perfect big apple brunch with your friends or family. 

○ Bar Pitti

Definitely a heavier brunch but it’s worth it. A popular Italian spot that attracts occasional celebs for its amazing food and ambiance. Defined as a reliable, chaotic, Italian restaurant with excellent “people-watching” from its large indoor and outdoor setup, you will definitely not regret going to brunch here-especially if you see JLo at the table next to you! 

○ Nomo Kitchen

Coolest environment- vibes, plants, art, vibrancy, bar, and good food. Book in advance because it is definitely hard to get in without a reservation! Could be nice for day time brunch vibes, but also has a cool scene at night. If you are in the city this summer, definitely try to go here for a larger group meal!


Awesome aura, diverse menu, yummy food, and good drinks. Can’t go wrong. Always comes up on New York City best brunch recommendation lists and we agree it’s worth the hype! 

○ Bubby’s

Located in the heart of Tribeca. Young environment, but is still family friendly. Another cute and classic brunch place that has lived in NYC since 1990. The food is to die for and all of their ingredients are thoughtfully sourced.  

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