Breaking Down Skincare Myths

Breaking Down Skincare Myths

The Skincare Myths You've Probably Heard About that we want to Break Down for you

Myth 1:

Eating oily foods, dairy, and junk food cause oily skin and acne.

Oil on our skin is produced from the release of a substance called sebum from our glands which can cause acne in excess. It is made and secreted by the skin and has not been traced to overproduce  in reaction to any specific food. So, next time your mom or phone tells you to cut out a certain food for your skin, you can tell them it simply isn’t a fact. 

Myth 2:

Sunscreen with higher SPF is always better.

Past a certain threshold, an increased SPF has very minimal benefits for your skin compared to a product with a lower SPF. It is generally recommended to wear at least 30 SPF a day, but unless you will be outside in a high UV index for more than 3 hours, 30 SPF will be efficient in blocking 97% of UVB radiation and will eliminate the need to spend more money on a higher SPF product for daily wear.

Myth 3: 

Drinking water will keep your skin hydrated. 

While there are many important reasons to drink a ton of water everyday, it is not proven that hydrating your skin is one of those benefits. There is simply no evidence to prove that drinking water is helpful or harmful to the skin. The best way to avoid dry skin and maintain hydration is to avoid dry air and use skin care products that promote moisture, like hyaluronic acid serums. 

Myth 4: 

You must exfoliate your skin routinely.

Your skin actually sheds its external keratinocytes monthly, so there is no real need to spend money on exfoliators and facials for that reason. It is honestly more harmful to over exfoliate your skin and strip it of it’s necessary nutrients, so if you are using exfoliators be super cautious of the frequency in which you are using strong products or getting treatments. 

Myth 5: 

Eye creams are not effective.


Different eye creams have different ingredients and target different concerns. So, for your eyes, whether it is puffiness or dark circles there are specific products and ingredients that will be effective in diminishing those products. Talk to a specialist and target the proper products for your particular concerns!

Myth 6: 

You don’t need sunscreen when there are clouds and when it is cold. 

 We cannot say it enough… you should be wearing sunscreen everyday! Even in the winter or when the skies look cloudy and grey, there are still UV rays shining through that can damage your skin. Even using a lightweight moisturizer with 15-30 SPF every morning will go a long way in protecting your skin from wrinkling, aging, cancer, discoloration, etc.   

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