Behind the Blog: Taylor

Behind the Blog: Taylor

Meet the Writer Behind the Blog

Aloe there! I’m Taylor 💚, the Digital Marketing Intern for Aloe Attiva. I write and manage the Aloe Effect blog for our website. I live in Westchester, NY and recently graduated from the University of Virginia. At UVA, I majored in Psychology with a minor in Politics. I also played on the women’s lacrosse team and was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. This fall, I’m headed to the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University for a Master’s in Management & Organizational Leadership.  I love to write, exercise, and spend time outdoors (especially at the beach!). In addition to all that good stuff, I also enjoy mindlessly scrolling through TikTok and binging Too Hot To Handle.

Why Did You Start Working with Aloe Attiva?

I started working with Aloe Attiva because I wanted hands-on experience in the beauty biz. The chance to work at a start-up was appealing to me because I am involved in so many facets of the business, from Marketing to Product Development to Sales. As an Aloe Attiva Intern, I feel important to the brand’s success. Our team is extremely bright, creative, thoughtful and fun! I love being a part of the magic that goes into each and every day working on a small business with huge potential. 

Favorite Book

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins 

This book is a MUST READ for Summer 2021 and is a New York Times Bestseller! It's so hot right now it’s impossible to find - I had to go to multiple bookstores to get my hands on a copy. I read this book in a few days, I could hardly put it down. Without giving too much away…Malibu Rising is about 4 siblings who live in Malibu, CA and have a famous father. Each sibling has something to hide and their secrets begin to unfold over the course of one night at the biggest party of the summer. 

Your Experience Using the Aloe Attiva Products

This is a completely unbiased answer! I started using Aloe Attiva before I was even an intern at the company. I had been struggling with painful cystic acne, but when I started to use Aloe Attiva I noticed a complete change in my skin. I fell in love with the serum and moisturizer. I loved that it was a simple two step system that really worked for my skin and showed fast results. I thought the company checked every box for me, not just in terms of product performance, but what it represented and I wanted to be a part of it! So that is what inspired me to reach out and become a member of the Aloe squad! To sum it up, I have had the best experience not only using the products, but also working with Aloe Attiva! 

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