End of Summer Photo Shoot Ideas

End of Summer Photo Shoot Ideas

The Photo Shoot Ideas you Need to Complete this Hot Girl Summer

Summer is coming to an end, but your picture perfect Instagram feed doesn’t have to. Here are some end of summer photoshoot ideas to spice up your camera roll.

Lets go to the beach

Did you even have a fun summer if you didn’t go to the beach?   It is a classic summer picture, with endless possibilities for poses and backgrounds.  Wear a cute pair of sunglasses or a statement beach hat to really make the photo! Better yet, make it a beach picnic at sunset. Bring an old white bed sheet to sit on and pack a bottle of your favorite wine! Add flowers for a delicate touch… and of course a charcuterie board!

The summer of trendy outfits

An easy option to show off your style! This summer was full of popping colors and patterns in recent clothing trends. Show off your summer wardrobe in a nice OOTD picture.


Summer is full of blazing orange and pink sunsets that are the perfect addition to every instagram feed. Snap a shot of the sky itself or put yourself in there for a nice silhouette shot.

Rooftops and restaurants

Snap a photo of your delicious meal or beautiful cocktail to add something new to your feed. Whether it's from a rooftop bar or made in your own home, food flics are always a nice photo opportunity.

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