Beauty Sleep 101

Beauty Sleep 101

Why You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is no joke. Sleep is when your body gets to repair and recover. It's easy to not make sleep a priority and to stay up late on your phone, but sleeping leads to a long list of benefits that will make your skin glow. A good 7-9 hours of sleep is what you really need and here is why… 

Top 5 beauty benefits of getting enough sleep 😴 

A Glowing Complexion

Blood flow increases to your skin while you sleep! This leads to a healthy glow with great complexion. Without a good night's rest, your skin naturally becomes dull and less bright. A good nights sleep helps with your composition and overall energy that will also contribute to a glowing appearance. So do yourself a favor and get to bed at a reasonable hour!

No Puffy Eyes or Dark Circles

Many of us have experienced dark circles or bags under our eyes after a restless night. Dark circles and puffy eyes are the result of a lack of sleep. Staying hydrated and getting enough sleep helps with appearance and reduces swelling in your face. Your blood circulation is not high functioning when you are low on sleep and it can collect under your eyes because of the thinness of skin in that area, which results in the dark circles underneath your eyes. 

Better Product Results

Your skin repairs and recovers while you are sleeping which is the perfect time for your skincare products to do their job! Blood flow is very important during your sleep cycles and helps with consistent repair to your skin. Sleeping allows your body the time it needs for beauty and skincare ingredients to be absorbed through your skin. While you sleep your skin loses moisture, so it is important to apply a hydrating moisturizer before bed and to make sure you drink water before you sleep to stay hydrated through the night!

Fewer Wrinkles 

Your skin produces more collagen when you sleep, which prevents wrinkles and sagging. Collagen is part of the overnight repair process which leads to more lively skin and with less wrinkles. Sleeping less than 7 hours can be shown to double the amount of fine lines on your skin so make sure you are getting in a good snooze.

Healthier (and happier) Appearance


This may seem like an obvious reason to get more sleep, but your facial expression and overall appearance changes consistently when you are tired. When you’re tired, you tend to frown more which can affect your appearance and make you seem more negative and unhappy! In addition to the dark circles no one likes, a lack of sleep results in low energy and just an overall tired impression!
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