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Aloe Attiva


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Introducing, our limited-edition reusable beauty rounds.

Give your #aloeglow routine a sustainable upgrade with these reusable double-sided bamboo eco-cotton beauty rounds. Use the label-free side for makeup removal + gentle cleansing, and the other side for toner + serum application. Toss your entire set of reusable beauty rounds in the laundry in the included mesh bag for refreshed beauty rounds all day, every day.

These naturally antibacterial rounds are the perfect replacement for makeup wipes or disposable cotton pads. With a soft texture that gently exfoliates skin, use them for anything from makeup removal to skincare rituals.

+ bamboo fibers dry quickly, and have antibacterial properties just like the aloe at the base of our products.

+ easily absorbs makeup.

+ eco-cotton is gentle on skin.

+ super-soft and highly absorbent.

+ can be machine-washed after every use.

+ works for all skin types.

The included mesh drawstring bag is 5.5" inches tall and comes with a 5-count pack of 3" in. reusable pads.