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ALOE BEAUTY lip & face care bundle

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The ultimate beauty bundle. Get our NEW xL POWERLIP volumizing lip treatment with the makeup removing pH POWERBALANCE natural gel cleanser and our Reusable Beauty Rounds in one convenient trio. 

 *includes one xL POWERLIP refillable case and product.


xL POWERLIP VOLUMIZING LIP TREATMENT: Aloe Attiva Elixir, Kiss Me Quick Flower, Vitamin E & B3, Collagen, Shea Butter, Ginger Root, 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid, VoluLipTM Natural Peptides CLICK FOR FULL INGREDIENT LIST.

pH POWERBALANCE NATURAL GEL CLEANSER: Aloe Attiva Elixir. Hyaluronic Acid, Orange Blossom Water, Rose Water, Chamomile, Sugar  Beet. CLICK FOR FULL INGREDIENT LIST. 


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